• Sam

Unions ARE us!

"For a relationship to be balanced there has to be equality between the parties."

I've been working in some capacity since I was 14 years old and have always been an at-will employee. Some jobs have treated me better than others, but one thing has remained constant: I've always been at the mercy of my employers when it came to pay, job security, and hours/benefits. And until a few months ago, I didn't know a world could exist where I could collectively negotiate an employment contract along with pay/benefits and working conditions!

Enter unions: the power of the people. Unions ARE us! When I reached out to the Machinist's Union to see if they would be interested in helping us organize CorePower Yoga Instructors, I honestly didn't expect them to hop on board so eagerly! From day 1 our lead organizer has reinforced that this process stands to be one of the most difficult journeys of our lifetimes. They couldn't have been more right! They also advised that when we come together in this way, ultimately we all win. When employees are made to feel truly safe and appreciated, businesses thrive. So the way I see it, a union is the way to go!

Ultimately, most businesses (especially larger ones like CPY) do not want to work with a unionized group of employees AT FIRST. They tend to spend tons of money on law firms to help bust up union efforts rather than put that money back into their workforce and facilities. That's exactly what we're seeing from CorePower Yoga now. While this behavior is "normal" in the organizing world, it's still disheartening from the standpoint that yoga literally means union as translated from Sanskrit.

My hope is that eventually corporate leadership will see that we are truly only trying to make the company better for all! I truly believe that this is possible if we have an Instructors' Union to protect our rights so we can continue to protect the practice and our students.