• Alycia

This is who we are

Well here we are, in a world where my living room doubles as a yoga studio and I have to to sweep more. I’ve been a Corepower Yoga instructor since 2011. I completed my first 200hr yoga teacher training in the spring of 2009 in Hot Power Fusion. When I started

teaching at CPY in 2011 I was going through some big transitions in my life (divorce, move, career change). At my audition, I asked my manager if I should reschedule. My marriage had literally just ended (the day before) and I thought it wasn't a good time for me to pick up classes at CPY. Afterall, my life would be filled with drama and I didn't want to bring it into the studio. She told me this was the perfect time to start teaching because it would be a part of my healing process and that my experience would be part of the healing process for others as well. Then she said, besides, it's too late- we've already hired you, now go teach Sun A. I went to prepare my room and one of the manager's brought her puppy to the studio. He found his way into studio 1 and decided to do a number 1 on the mirror! I

grabbed him just in time and got him outside! A minute later the managers asked if I was ready to teach! This was the beginning of my teaching journey at CPY, finding tranquility in the chaos and rolling with it became second nature.

My manager was right, teaching yoga and immersing myself into a community of like-minded yogis was just what I needed to heal and to grow in my practice. I soon found a mentor who saw big things for me and I quickly became a part of the programming

team as well as 3 years on the management team. Since then I trained

in every format and became a teacher training lead. Yoga history and philosophy became my passion in teaching and I did my best to share it with my class and off my mat.

In 2016 I left CPY for a year. There were changes in management and I was not invited to be part of that change. I returned in 2017 and in a few short months was back at full-time status, teaching, and leading teacher training. Jump ahead to 2020. You all know the story, the pandemic hit, and CPY had shut down, letting go of all the instructors. Soon enough Facebook groups were created and we began to share stories. So many things came out about CPY and their business practices. Summer hit and so did some tone-deaf messages on CPY's social media page.

That's pretty much how this union was born. I love my experience with CPY and I also saw first hand the favoritism, the mismanagement, and poor business decisions made. When they reopened the Chicago market in July, I made the decision to return to teaching. Corepower Yoga is my foundation and I'll never forget that. I learned, find comfort in the chaos, and to be ok with discomfort, but I won't be complicit. I hold CPY to a higher standard. Instructors need a voice and the opportunity to negotiate a better working

environment especially for their health and safety. Black Lives Matter, and the BIPOC community deserves the opportunity to teach and be part of the management team. This is who we are.