• Danielle

Community and Friendship

Hi, I’m Danielle and I went through my 200 hr PYTT through CPY in October 2018. I could not have asked for more AMAZING instructors to help me delve into myself and make LIFE TIME friendships with fellow students participating in the training with me. We still communicate regularly because our instructors cultivated the sense and feeling of belonging in our community within our training. I am forever grateful for what I learned from both my Instructors and fellow students. I went on to complete a 50 hrs extension training in January 2019, after completing my 200 hr training. Again, I continued to feed the friendships I already created and made new ones that have lasted all this time. I was grateful for the opportunity to teach to our community weekly through free community classes so that I could better myself as a teacher.

In March of 2019, I began instructing yoga at different studios within the Greater DC area. I was able to build relationships within the communities I instructed. In March 2020, I was laid off, along with every other CorePower Yoga Instructor due to the pandemic. I believe it was the right and safe choice to make for the health of both the Instructors and the students.

I loved the opportunity I had with CPY. I want so badly to return to this community. I believe I can do so once there are better health standards in place for both the instructors and the students that make up this bright and beautiful community. At this time, CorePower Yoga Instructors are unable to have a voice and negotiate their needs for better and safer health standards during the current state of this pandemic and beyond. A Union can help Instructors negotiate their needs for health standards that will allow all parties involved to feel safe, welcome, and heard.